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Byron Youth Theatre


Young Carers Stories Cinema Ad

1:305 months Ago
In this series, nine short videos were produced, each telling the true story of a real, young person from our local region. Byron Youth Theatre actors took on the presentation of these stories in close collaboration with the young people themselves. The result is a very moving series which aims to support other young carers both through realizing they are not alone and providing support links and useful advice.

Gone Tomorrow Promo

3:315 months Ago

BYTE Here Today Promo

5:575 months Ago

BYTE No One Way Promo

2:285 months Ago

B Y T Broken PROMO

4:215 months Ago

In My Skin Promo

4:545 months Ago

Broken – Full Show

1:10:312 years Ago
Byron Community Centre Public show December 2016

Byron Youth Theatre

4:293 years Ago
Haley and Ebony from Byron Youth Theatre talk about their involvement in the PASH 2015 conference and why it is important for young people to be informed so that they can make wise choices when it comes to sex.

PASH 2015 Love and Intimacy f4v HD

4:324 years Ago
Byron Youth Theatre create powerful thought-provoking Social Action Youth Theatre pieces. This scene is from PASH ( Positive Adolescent Sexual Health) presented at the PASH Conference 2015 held in June 2015 Byron Bay. For more information check out Byron Youth Theatre on Facebook and for PASH go to

Sex and The Law

3:015 years Ago
Scene from PASH production by Byron Youth Theatre.

Mind Made Me

1:385 years Ago
Devised and performed by Serren Glenn and Riz Mahoney

Mother Daughter

3:445 years Ago
Devised and performed by Hayley Acton and Lisa Apostolides, Director of Byron Youth Theatre

Slam Poem: Your Hands

4:485 years Ago
Written and performed by Ebony Webb

Monkey on my back

2:376 years Ago
Created as part of the Mind Made Me project, Monkey on the Back was created by Kyaisha Taylor, Bridie Duff and Lisa Apostolides ( Director of Byron Youth Theatre). Mind Made Me, a theatre piece that focuses on youth mental health issues was funded by Northern Rivers Community Foundation, NSW Mental Health Association and Byron Youth Council. For more information about the amazing Youth Theatre Company contact Lisa by email
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